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A new alternative investment for your clients

Fine wine appreciation delivered simply.

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Differentiate your firm's alternative asset strategy by adding investments in fine wine

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Recession Resistant

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Inflation Resistant

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Low Volatility

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Low Correlation

We unlock access to the fine wine market

Vinovest is a modern technology-empowered platform handling the end-to-end process of wine investing, from sourcing to storage to managing ongoing buying and selling activities. Investing in fine wine has historically been difficult without a deep knowledge of wine and its resale market - Vinovest makes wine investing easy with professionally managed, highly-curated, globally diversified portfolios.

Investment Offerings


Invest via Vinovest's flagship strategy combining the expertise of wine professionals with proprietary data-driven portfolio management tools.



Customize a wine investment strategy with hands-on guidance from our experienced team. Tailor certain portfolio characteristics such as regional allocations and time horizon to suit your clients' needs.


How we help

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Industry pricing

Through our network and industry relationships, we offer entry to investment grade wines at prices without middleman and retailer markups.

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World class custody

Vinovest only stores wines in top-of-the-line bonded storage facilities that have been designed to meet the specific needs of long-term fine wine storage. Protecting clients’ wine assets is part of our mission, so we consider proper storage, insurance, and authenticity of the wines we purchase to be paramount.

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Efficiency & Sustainability

Vinovest only allocates to tax-deferred wines, mitigating an otherwise potentially significant cost of purchasing wine for investment. We have also proactively built our platform on sustainable business practices to minimize our carbon footprint.

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Data-driven optimization

We pull vast amounts of wine market data and apply data science and quantitative investment models to regularly monitor the risk/return characteristics of wine holdings and portfolios as a whole.

Help your clients diversify into investment grade wine with Vinovest today

Intelligently add wine to a diversified portfolio you can savor.